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When Your Coping Style Doesn't Work for Pandemic Stress

Stress, depression, even suicide has risen during the pandemic. By nature, each of us has a predominant style of coping with stress. But during extraordinary times, our stress levels are also extraordinary. When we can't control what's happening, we can challenge ourselves to change the way we respond to what's happening. The coping strategies you ordinarily use may need to be altered in the face of these unusual challenges.

COVID-19 and Couples: Being Less Reactive and More Vulnerable

If your relationship with your significant other is suffering right now, you’re not alone. Relationships go through ups and downs in the best of circumstances, but the arrival of COVID-19 has put many relationships under unprecedented strain.

4 Simple Phrases to Stop Anxious Thoughts

Anxiety and the alarming thoughts our anxiety conjures are normal to experience, especially under stressful and challenging times like now. But anxiety feels terrible so it's good to have a few tools to calm an anxious nervous system. Speaking supportive words to ourselves can provide relief, much like a parent reassures a child.

Getting Off the Roller Coaster of Emotional Eating

With spending so many hours inside, it can be so easy to seek comfort in food. Especially when some of us have enormous stock piles of tasty snacks and quick shelf stable carbohydrates like cereal, pasta and rice. Perhaps emotional eating is a new phenomena or we’ve struggled over the years with binge eating. Binge-eating is defined as consuming unusually large amounts of food typically in a short period of time and feeling unable to stop eating. During these stressful times we want to maintain emotional, mental and physical balance. Ensuring that we are getting the right nutrients without the self harm of overeating is also vital to our immune system and sleep.

Relapse risk for substance abuse, addiction grows during pandemic

The risk for relapse is high for those who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Uprooting routines, relationships, and support groups pose a challenge to those who are working to maintain sobriety.

Practicing Emotional Awareness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When COVID-19 emerged as a clear and present public health threat, most people felt the same range of emotions: somewhere along the spectrum of fear and anxiety.

"Say The Thing" to Revitalize Your Relationship

We communicate in ways that are multi-faceted, complex, politically correct, and often intended to conform to an “offense free” society. This might work well when engaging in philosophical, political, or academic discourses, but when it comes to intimate relationships, such ambiguity can be a disaster. During Coronavirus lockdown, ambiguous communication is even more problematic because of already high levels of anxiety, frustration and fear.

How to Relieve, Manage, and Overcome Stress

You know the feeling. That tightness that keeps building in your body and mind that you can't find the release switch for. It's stress you're feeling! As stress hormones begin seeping into, then flooding your body, they prepare you for fight or flight, increasing your pulse and breathing rate, and pulling your body's attention away from everything else.

How emerging from long isolation activates eating disorder risks

As parts of the country slowly reopen, one aspect of returning to normal during warmer weather is giving some self-isolated Canadians anxiety: the springtime “reveal.”

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