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Why We Engage in Emotional Eating

How to stop eating emotionally? Emotional eating (sometimes called stress eating or comfort eating) is difficult to control partly because we have no control over its biological determinants (e.g., genes). But what if other factors, ones that are easier to modify, were of greater importance to emotional eating? These other determinants—according to an article in the November 2018 issue of Appetite—are psychological and situational: Restrained eating and stress level.

Using Writing to Help Us Process Our Grief

On a cool November morning in the small town of Mountain View, Calif., Sarah Neustadter’s beloved boyfriend, John—the man she was going to marry—threw himself in front of an oncoming train. Just days prior, John had turned 36.

Emotions During an Anxiety Attack

“Anxiety attack” is not a formal, clinical term, but one that is used by many people to describe all sorts of things, from feeling worried about an upcoming event to intense feelings of terror or fear that would meet the diagnostic criteria for a panic attack. In order to understand what someone means by “anxiety attack,” it is necessary to consider the context in which the symptoms occur.

Good Grief

Grief is more than just an immediate reaction. When we suffer loss, grief naturally follows. But getting grief to stop following you is another matter. Part of “surviving anything” is understanding how grief happens and what it can do to your brain. Recognizing the connection between your physiology and psychology is a valuable tool in how you choose to deal with loss or any sudden change.

Children of problem drinkers more likely to marry someone with a drinking problem

Children of parents who have alcohol use disorder are more likely to get married under the age of 25, less likely to get married later in life, and more likely to marry a person who has alcohol use disorder themselves, according to a new study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University in Sweden.

When Anger Management Requires Going Deeper

Google “Tips for Anger Management” and you’ll quickly find a list of several recommendations such as: breathe deeply, count to 10 (or 100), do exercise, write about your feelings, take a timeout, understand the other, create art, learn assertiveness skills, or visit an anger room.

Interact, Don't Transact, with Your Spouse

If you want a marriage that supports you and your spouse as individuals while also enhancing your relationship, you need to know about the difference between transacting and interacting with one another.

The Top 5 Ways to Shrink Your Anxiety Down to Size

No one likes feeling anxious, not that you can avoid it. If you're fully alive, you'll have your share (or unfair) share of it. You’ll wake up at three in the morning searching your breasts for lumps. You’ll worry that your daughter has dropped out of her drug treatment program (again), that your partner is getting bored with you, that you’ll end up a bag lady if you leave your job, that your memory is getting more porous with each passing day, and that possibly you’re going crazy.

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