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Grieving Separately: A Dangerous Relationship Chasm

No one escapes loss in his or her life. The anguishing pain of forever-gone can shatter a person’s world and capability to function, sometimes for an extended period of time.

For most people, those immobilizing experiences do subside. The body, mind, and spirit, can only bear that level of devastation for so long. Eventually, the residual pain must be buried and life goes on, even if it is never the same.


How Much Stress Is Too Much?

Could you run for 10 miles? Could you pick up a 100-pound stone? Most people, without embarrassment, would answer “no.” People know how much is too much, how much might hurt them. What if we ask the same questions about emotional stress?

3 Ways to Conquer Negative Beliefs About Yourself

Last week several of my therapy clients said to me, "I feel like something is wrong with me." One person said it as the reason why they thought they were single. Another said it was the cause of why they didn't have many friends. Another used it as an explanation as to why they thought they stalled in their career development.

"I Have Anxiety About Having Anxiety"

The experience of intense anxiety is awful. A wildly pounding heart and paralyzed body collide as a person’s negative thoughts travel at the speed of light. Sounds are both amplified and muffled. Spaces seem to shrink until a person attempts to find an exit and suddenly the path to the door seems a mile away. In this state a person can’t trust what they see, feel, think, or do. The impulse to run screaming from the moment is powerful.

7 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion When You Have Depression

Practicing self-compassion when you have depression can be difficult, but a few small changes could make a difference in how you’re feeling.

People aren’t perfect. We’re made up of all sorts of quirks, flaws, and nuances. Compassion is what moves us to feel kind and forgiving toward others. But all too often, we don’t treat ourselves with the kindness and grace that we afford others.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give to a Partner

When we think of virtues, we usually think of the classics: wisdom, compassion, humility, patience, fortitude, courage, kindness, gratitude, and the like. But there are a number of underrated, less-discussed virtues that are vitally important in creating a good life. One that rarely makes the top-ten lists is curiosity. When it comes to virtues, curiosity gets short shrift and sometimes has to defend its right to even identify as a virtue. But curiosity deserves our recognition and a place on the greatest-hits list of virtuous qualities. Not only is it vitally important for creating a good life, but also for maintaining lasting love relationships.

Drug Dependence

Drug dependence occurs when you need one or more drugs to function. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) used to distinguish between dependence and abuse. Abuse was considered the mild or early phase of inappropriate drug use that led to dependence. People viewed dependence as a more severe problem than abuse.

Being Kind to Yourself

How well do you treat yourself? Are you mostly helpful, sympathetic, forgiving, and supportive? Or are you often critical, demanding, unforgiving, or self-blaming? Most people treat themselves with all of the above; however, the positive and negative behaviors are seldom equally distributed. No surprise—the negative appraisals and reactions often outweigh the positive ones.


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