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Marie partners with Harmony Farm in working with individuals, couples, groups for team building, and during retreats. Marie has witnessed and been a part of this form of individualized, experiential work done with clients on Harmony Farm. Clients are able to swiftly move through blocks in their progress through the hands-on approach of this style. This advanced form of therapy helps people reach their goals in a way that more fully connects and aligns them to themselves, to the animals, and to nature.

“When we see and hear, we can remember; when we experience it, it becomes a part of us”.




We human beings are often disappointed in relationships we thought had promised more than we received. We may often find ourselves let down by someone whom we were in relationship with and who never showed up. Or we become disillusioned with our own ability to trust others and wonder why we get burned over and over. This online course is divided into 6 modules with a number of sessions in each module. The course is designed to view each session and do the assignments before moving to the next session. The modules were created with the intent to build on each other, consistent with how research tells us trust is built, from the inside out.



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