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•3000 Old Canton Rd. Suite 465, Jackson, MS 39216 ▪ (601)946-0385



  • Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor (L.P.C.-S)
  • M.S. in Counseling, University of Arizona (May 1991) emphasis on substance abuse


  • Private Practice, Group/Individual Therapy, and Couples Counseling

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder • Stress Management •Trauma • Eating disorders; Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, Purging, Restricting • Codependency • Major Depressive Disorder • Anxiety Disorder • Stress Disorder • Divorce Recovery • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Adult Child of Alcoholic, Grief • Chemical Dependency


  • EMDR Consultation • LPC Supervision • Operations & Program Management • Workshop Presentations • Retreats • Lectures • Marketing


Private Practice, Jackson, MS ▪ August 1997– Present

  • Therapy groups, individual sessions, and EMDR.

Counselor –Shephearst Meadows, Flowood, MS ▪ August 2008– April 2012

  • Outpatient PTSD, Trauma/ Eating Disorders/ chemical dependency/ codependency group and individual therapy for individuals suffering from cognitive, spiritual, and behavioral issues due to psychiatric disorders.

Clinical Director and TherapistOur Healing Place, Jackson, MS ▪ May 1996– August 1997

  • Supervision of therapists and therapy groups as well as marketing

Lead Therapist/Program Director–The Willough at Naples, Florida ▪ October 1995 – May 1996

  • Supervision of therapists, coordination of clinical and nursing staff, facilitation of therapy groups, and marketing.

Director of Willough Alumni–The Willough at Naples, Florida ▪ August 1994 – October 1995

  • Facilitation of weekend workshops, marketing, production, of quarterly newsletter, budget management for alumni funding, weekly after-care groups, and staff supervision.

Director, Eating Disorder Evening Outpatient Partial Hospitalization Program - The Willough at Naples, Florida August 1993 – August 1994

  • PTSD / Eating Disorders / Chemical Dependency
  • Operations and administration; program development and evaluation with therapeutic responsibility; case management; marketing; formulation and presentation; development of patient treatment and discharge plans; and quality assurance review of clinical documentation.

Relapse Coordinator and Primary Therapist – The Willough at Naples Treatment Center for Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency, Florida ▪ November 1992-August 1993

  • Group and Individual therapy, facilitation of family groups with eating disorder patients and specialty groups including sexual trauma, grief and relapsed; psychosocial assessments; discharge summaries, individualized treatment plans; patient progress charting; lectures and seminars to health care professionals; facilitation of alumni weekends with group therapy and psychodrama.

Group Therapy Co-Facilitator – Sierra Tucson ▪ February 1991- October 1992

  • Internship in family and primary counseling. Individual/group therapy. Specialty groups in body image, sexual recovery, grief, and cocaine addiction. Crisis Counseling, detoxification orientation and evaluation. Duties included case management, progress notes, assessments, dictation, intreperntaion of testing, client’s intake, individualized treatment plans, crisis intervention, client education, referrals, reporting and record keeping, client orientation, after-care planning, and multi-disciplinary staffing.

Group Therapy Co-Facilitator & Practicum Counselor (Practicums) - Alcohol Council of Tucson, Tucson, AZ ▪ October 1989 – April 1990

  • Group and Individual Therapy, intake, and assessments for adult children of alcoholics, co-dependency, alcohol and drug dependency, and childhood and adolescent preventions. Multi-cultural all-age populations.


  • EAGALA Association
  • National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors
  • Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals
  • American Counseling Association


  • LPC
  • Certified for Supervision for LPC
  • EMDR Certified
  • EMDR Consultant
  • EAGALA Certified
  • Yoga Certification
  • Psychodrama; Training at Onsite, IFS Training; Sexual Trauma; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Time Management; Career Track Power Communication Skills; Networking, Parent/Child Relationships, Art of Listening, Image and Self-Projection, Health and Success, Motivation and Productivity, Spectra Dynamics-Meditation and Relaxation Training


  • Instructor/Facilitator- The Willough, Naples, FL ▪ 1990-1997: 8-week training program surrounding topic of relapse warning signs. This manualized training program utilized steps one through twelve of the “12 step program” with application to the topic of eating disorders and subtopics thereof, running sequentially throughout the year.
  • Instructor- The Willough, Naples, FL ▪ 1992-1997: Staff trainings surrounding the subject area of eating disorders, which special emphasis placed on patient management to include conflict resolution, family programming, care coordination, individual supervision, discharge planning, and professional development.
  • Instructor/Facilitator- The Willough, Naples, FL ▪ 1997-1998: Bi-monthly alumni “weekend intensives” held in different areas of the country surrounding therapeutic topics such as shame, body image, anger, fear, triggers, relapse warning signs, the addictive process, clean eating, sponsorship, and 12 step meetings.
  • Certified Yoga Instructor- Jackson, MS ▪ 2013-present: Presenting and instructing of the use of yoga poses in a therapeutic environment in combination with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) interventions within individual client treatment.
  • Instructor/Facilitator, Approved EMDR Consultant- The Wellness Institute, Jackson, MS ▪ 2015-present: Led small groups in approved training program for specialized intervention of licensed mental health practitioners for certification of EMDR Level 1 and Level 2 Basic training and Certification groups.
  • Instructor/Facilitator, Approved EMDR Consultant- The Wellness Institute, Jackson, MS ▪ 2015-present: Ongoing teaching of EMDR certification trainees in various specialty subject areas, such as women’s issues, addictions, dissociation/trauma, and pain management.
  • Instructor/Facilitator- Mississippi State Hospital, Whitfield, MS ▪ 2016: Trauma Symposium. Presented “Eating Disorders and EMDR: Utilizing Art Techniques”, to include practicum group work, to attendees of mid to advanced level practitioners.
  • Instructor/Facilitator- Mississippi EMDR Regional Meeting- Pearl, MS ▪ August 25, 2018: Presented “Eating Disorders and EMDR: Utilizing Art Techniques” workshop to include practicum group work to mid to advanced level practitioners.
  • Instructor/Co-Facilitator- Harmony Farm, Learned, MS ▪ November 17, 2018: Presented “Teaming Building” workshop to include hands-on approaches for therapists/practitioners for resolving issues, as well as identifying common goals for overall group cohesion.


  • Secretary and Literature Chairman, Overeaters Anonymous- Jackson, MS ▪ 2009-2011
  • First Responder, Disaster Response- Mississippi- statewide ▪ 2016-present: On the active call list; trained in AIP (in the EMDR Model) emergency response intervention.


  • Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals (MAAP) conference- Jackson, MS ▪ 1998: Presented on eating disorders and subtopics thereof to entry level to advance mental health providers.
  • Jackson Public School System, Parent Teach Association- Jackson, MS ▪ 1999: Eating disorder and subtopics thereof presentation to parents of students, as well as facility/staff members.
  • Trauma Symposium- Whitfield, MS ▪ 2015: Presented “Eating Disorders and EMDR: Utilizing Art Techniques”, to include practicum group work, to attendees of entry level to advanced level practitioners in an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting.
  • Various venues and locations- Mississippi ▪ 2015-present: Co-facilitated large group workshop for the certification of EMDR Level 1 and Level 2 therapists and other licensed mental health professionals.
  • EMDR Regional Meetings trainings, Co-Director- Brandon, MS ▪ 2016-present: Co-led and present in workshops held at regional meetings on topics pertaining to the clinical practice of EMDR.
  • EMDR Canada Annual Conference- Vancouver, BC ▪ April 12-14, 2019: Approved presenter for workshop titled “Eating Disorders and EMDR: Utilizing Art Techniques”, to include practicum group work to attendees of entry level to advanced level EMDR-trained practitioners.
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