Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Therapy with Marie is designed to help couples, families, friends, workplace peers, or within any other interactions to resolve conflict. Traditional Conflict Resolution Therapy is based on the premise that conflict lies at the center of emotional distress. The conflict that may happen as the result of one or more issues that generally lead to conflict and emotional distress. Conflict resolution therapy applies problem-solving approaches to each type of conflict in order to reduce tension, improve well-being, and find solutions. This type of therapeutic work has also been shown to improve mental health issues related to anger, depression, and anxiety.

When working with clients desiring resolution of ongoing conflicts, Marie focuses on first helping clients to identify their roles within the interaction cycle. Next, Marie helps clients to learn and implement specific skills that are healthier and more effective when interacting with others.

Conflict can impact your life in many ways. Marie Rothman can help with individual, couples, and family conflicts. Contact her today by filling out her contact form here or calling her at 601-946-0385.