Work and Career Issues

It is estimated that people spend about 30% of their adult lives at work. A common source of stress for a lot of people related to issues at work or with co-workers/supervisors. Non-existent is the place of employment where everyone is on the same page all of the time, works well together on every assignment, and has no issues about anything. With the amount of time spent at work with people who likely bring their own stressors with them, job issues may start to cause emotional, mental, or physical health issues for you. In fact, research shows perceived stress in the workplace is associated with a higher prevalence of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Marie assists clients in discovering ways to better connect and communicate with those with whom they work. Major focus of this work lies in establishing an action plan, determining priorities, sifting through any unnecessary actions being taken, and strengthening core belief values (which in turn better aids clients through effective communication).

If you are having work/career issues and are needing support during that time, Marie can help! Fill out her form here or call her at 601-946-0385.