EMDR Consultant

EMDR is a therapeutic tool that can help individuals heal from trauma. The goal of EMDR is to lessen the intensity of painful thoughts and memories, and then strengthen positive self-beliefs related to the traumatic incident. EMDR is an approved and utilized treatment of The World Health Organization, American Psychiatric Association, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, and the Department of Defense as an effective treatment for PTSD, trauma, and other psychological distress. For a list of resources related to the history of EMDR, EMDR processing, and EMDR research, click here. (Link this to the Resources webpage).

As a Certified EMDR Consultant, Marie is accredited to train and guide newly-trained EMDR therapists through the complexities of this modality so that they can provide an uppermost level of care for their clients. While providing direction and supervision to her supervisees, Marie continues to further her own knowledge of new developments in the field by attending trainings, workshops, and conferences in order to maintain continued requirements for her Consultant status.

If you have completed your EMDR Basic Training and are looking for a Supervisor, or if you are looking for professional supervision for case review after you have completed your EMDR  training, contact Marie below for further information.

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