Family Counseling

Families tend to cope with the fear, hurt, and dissatisfaction by keeping secrets, adopting unhealthy behaviors, withdrawing, denial, enabling, becoming defensive, or blaming. Marie helps her family counseling clients to learn positive ways to communicate and connect successfully with each other through learning and implementing proven methods designed to increase this connection and enhance relationship satisfaction.

To help you and your loved ones begin to repair your relationships, Marie helps family gain important skills and insights through in-office family therapy, which starts with addressing family needs and goals in a strategy planning phase.

Recovery occurs at home; therefore, it is the overall goal to develop and mobilize the family’s strengths to create a positive environment in which to use and sharpen the tools learned in office to reach each family member’s individual and family goals. Marie empathetic nature and mindset of positive expectations while listening and understanding family members provides a foundation of trust upon which Marie works with families to educate, empower, and motivate change as a connected unit.

Just you and your spouse? Check out Couples Counseling (link to the Couples counseling webpage).