Stress Management

flowers When life is stressful or overwhelming, people often try to implement some type of control over the confusion and discomfort. Marie has found that it is more effective to build healthy patterns of living by working with the inner discomfort first. These are often the upsetting emotions and the compulsive ways that people implement as ways of coping with life. By learning how to first cope with internal stressors, then managing life’s stressors, building a healthier lifestyle, and growing in self-respect comes more naturally.

Stress Management Counseling with Marie to address concerns of stress incorporates multiple intervention levels. At its core, Marie’s therapy interventions are designed to discover what is causing stress, address the negative belief systems attached, and then strengthen the positive belief systems in efforts to unblock the brain neural network that holds the stress.

For more support with stress management, you can contact Marie by filling out her contact form here or calling her at 601-946-0385.